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Net Protector
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Network / LAN

LAN / Network is the backbone of every Office / Business today. Various departments of the Office are connected with the Local Area Network.

Companies and Offices small and big run their important software's like Accounting, Billing, ERP, MIS and over the network. Also critical data is shared between executives through the network shares for collaborative projects.

Internet has also become very essential for day to day work for all departments, so more and more nodes are given Internet access.

Today, Viruses and worms are network aware. If even a single node on the LAN is infected the worm will rapidly spread to all the nodes of the network like fire and bring down all the PCs in a very short time. Also spyware and malwares disrupt the network access between nodes and stops all communication.

Net Protector AntiVirus for networks incorporates protection features for Enterprise and Corporate Networks.

Net protector protects each node individually and also communicates and reports to a central server. So any network epidemic is stopped from spreading.

Net Protector defends your Office Network from all virus, worm anti spyware, malware and spyware attacks and keeps your business lifeline, the Network and PCs, running smooth and secure.

Net Protector
for Networks
Internet Security

5 to 25 Nodes
Multi-User Keys for Network Nodes
Price per Node
Node 1 Year
Rs. 600
Server * 1 Year
Rs. 1100
Node 3 Years
Rs. 1300
Server * 3 Years
Rs. 2500

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* Server is for Computers with Server Operating System like :
Windows Vista / Windows NT4 Server / Windows 2000 Server / Windows 2003 Server

Works on Desktop OS
Windows Platforms / Windows Platforms / Windows 7